About Studio 66


Established in 2013, Studio 66 aims to showcase the amazing skills of people and artists from everywhere. We are a family business who work together to source the products from potters, artists, jewellery makers, painters and other creatives. As third generation entrepreneurs, we are all creative in different ways; we also enjoy telling our customers about the origin of the art and how it was made.

We like to remind people of the benefits of buying something handmade, something that another person was inspired to make, and applied amazing craftsmanship to. As a means to promote the rejuvenation of handmade art in Perth, we have created a space where artists can showcase their pieces, and art lovers can frequent and draw inspiration from.

We are proud to say that our business supports skills development programs, fair trade certified products and animal conservation. Many products are made with recycled materials, and we are very involved in teaching the next generation about environmental awareness.

Mass produced items are boring, and have drained society of imagination. We want to reignite the passion and creativity in people. We plan to one day, be big enough to operate out of a premises that allows us to spend more time with our customers. By adding some tables and chairs we will be able to serve coffee and light meals while clients browse our wide art selection.